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Repair work at Kashagan is carried out ahead of schedule in order to start oil production at the field in October 2016

29 December, Wednesday
Minister Bozumbayev said with the launch of Kashagan in October in accordance with the instructions of the Prime Minister the oil output is expected to increase to 70.5 million tons. Thus, according to Kanat Bozumbaev, oil processing in 2016 is expected to rise to 14.1 million tons. These figures will be achieved in the framework of reducing the period of planned preventive works at the two plants, the minister said. “The repair time at Pavlodar petrochemical plant will be reduced by 5 days, optimization from 35 to 30 days. Repair period at Shymkent oil refinery is reduced by 18 days, which means optimization of time from 51 down to 33 days. Owing to these measures, the time lag will find its solution. Additional 150,000 tonnes of oil will be refined. Additional volumes of oil products will be produced – diesel fuel (41,000 tonnes) and gasoline (22.5 thou tonnes)”, he said. Meanwhile, he noted that reduction of the export customs duty for one ton of road bitumen from $60 down to $15 will ensure additional load of producers and maintain over 400 working places. “Expected export volume will make over 30,000 tonnes of bitumen”, the minister said. Сaspianenergy.net

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