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In Mangistau region of Kazakhstan temporary price regulation is being introduced on market of liquefied natural gas for 180 days

29 December, Wednesday
In particular, this measure will apply to LLP "KazGPP" - on the wholesale distribution of liquefied petroleum gas on domestic market (after the decision on the establishment of a maximum price in Mangistau region, as well as retail sales of liquefied petroleum gas for fueling vehicles at gas stations and (or) gas stations Mangistau region (after 2 calendar days from the date of entry into force of the order " on introduction of a temporary state price regulation for the implementation of liquefied petroleum gas" (from 20.06.2016, the number 272, published in the database "Adilet" of 22.06.2016). Thus, the maximum price for retail sales of liquefied petroleum gas for fueling vehicles at filling stations and (or) gas stations will be: 45 tenge per 1 liter in Beineu district (including VAT); in other areas, 35 tenge per 1 liter (including VAT) in Aktau and Zhanaozen. Reserve price on the wholesale realization "KazGPP» LLP of liquefied petroleum gas in domestic market will be 28 000 tenge per ton (excluding VAT). "Reserved price is the maximum allowable level, which allows entrepreneurs to sell liquefied natural gas at any price, but not above the prescribed limits. Temporary state price regulation in the gas reduced in Mangistau region on June 24, 2016. The whole thrust of the measures on the use of a transparent tariff will determine the objective price of gas, " the information staes. According to the administration of the region, the region is one of the largest consumers of LPG fuel. At the same time, in May this year demand for gas increased by two times. To date, the region has registered about 179 thousand vehicles, the main share of which use 64% or 115 thousand units. The number of gas filling stations (gas stations) is 202, and individual entrepreneurs, implementing liquefied gas is 170. LLP "KazGPP" is the only one liquefied natural gas producer. Emerged gas deficiency is associated primarily with the increased need for fuel. So, before the domestic (local) market consumed 6.5 tons of gas per month, in May of this year, demand for gas increased to 12 thousand tons of fuel - this is 90% of the total production of


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