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KazMunaiGas Exploration & Production (“KMG EP” or “Company”) announces that its Board of Directors has resolved to merge its subsidiaries Zhondeu and Kruz into OzenMunaiService. The merger will help improve the management of the subsidiaries.

29 December, Wednesday
the Chief Executive of KMG EP. He goes on by saying “It is important that the merger of these two companies results in no redundancy. The trade unions of Kruz and Zhondeu support this as the merger would help get more work and solidify its position on the market”. It is assumed that the merger will end by 1 October 2016. It is planned that later, OzenMunaiService will become a stock corporation. This will make the company independent, impose respective responsibilities on the management, and make the company transparent, and compliant with corporate governance requirements. The merger is to be done the same way it was done back in 2015 when Kendirli Kurylys and Zhol Service were taken over by Ken Kurylys Service. Zhondeu was incorporated in August 1998, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KMG EP. Kruz was incorporated in October 1997, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KMG EP. Both companies perform repair and workover operations of wells of Uzen field of Mangystau Province. Сaspianenergy.net

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