Информационно-аналитический центр нефти и газа


Seminars topics:


  • Perspective project development issues by subsoil users, their coordination in
  • CCED
  • Practical issues of program development of the processing associated gas
  • field and their coordination in government bodies of RK
  • Modern methods of drying and extracting liquid hydrocarbons from gas
  • Oil refining and sale of oil products
  • Drilling technology
  • The practical application of the legislation of Kazakhstan on subsoil use. Practical
  • relationship issues of subsoil user companies and the competent authorities in within the execution of contractual obligations.
  • Practical issues in drafting by subsoil users, their coordination in CCED in accordance with the provisions of the Act "On Subsoil and Subsoil Use".
  • The turnover of oil products on the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Changes in legislation on accreditation of wholesale suppliers of petroleum products. Approval of the distribution schedule of petroleum products by region. The rules for defining price limits on retail sales of petroleum products and others.


For information about seminars, please contact:

Bubentsov Maksim Vladimirovich
tel.: 8 (7172) 57 70 39, mob.: 8 775 431 31 17
e-mail: bubentsov_m@iacng.kz

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